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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Meet ELIZABETH BRADLEY - You're Going To Love Her Fiction!

I am tickled to death that my friend, Liz - writer Elizabeth Bradley - has finally found the time to start her blog. I have been privileged to have been allowed to read some of the short stories for her Boomer Tales™ series as these works progressed and fell in love with her writing.

Each story became a special treat for me. Like a really expensive piece of chocolate from Belgium, Elizabeth's stories were something I hoarded for those luxurious moments of 'me time' - well crafted words and images that I savored slowly, indulging in the rich quality, wallowing in the sheer enjoyment of reading for pleasure.

At the end of each story I was jonesing for the next one. What would Elizabeth come up with next? What plot twist was she going to trip me up with? Which character of hers was going to make me laugh next - and which one was I going to want to slap for being such a pain in the derriere?

Liz crafts her characters so well you feel like they are a part of your life, you react to them as people and form actual likes and dislikes (there's a mother in one story I still want to slap silly!). Her story lines can take some really surprising twists and turns which sneak up on you quietly, I have often found myself actually laughing out loud or gasping at a plot twist I didn't see coming.

When I find a writer I really like I become selfish and I want more, more, more. What I love about the Elizabeth's blog is that I'm going to get more, more, more! It's a series of "Bits and Bytes" of what Liz calls "micro stories" - what a great idea! I can have a little indulgence of pleasure reading - a little fix of Elizabeth Bradley writing - every post.

Yup, I'm an Elizabeth Bradley Fiction junkie. Check out Elizabeth Bradley Fiction - Bits & Bytes and you will be too.



  1. Gosh, I'm blushing. Coming from Divaland, this means so much! Thanks PopArtDiva! I hope all my reviews are so wonderful.

  2. Trust me, they will be! Break a quill!


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