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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

GET YOUR DIVA ON - You're a Goddess,not a Bitch!

There's some debate over whether being a DIVA is a good thing or a bad thing. Because the original definition of the word meant a famous or celebrated opera singer - often one who was "troublesome" - the word "diva" historically carried a negative connotation.

Now, let's take a closer look at "DIVA" The root word is derived from the Italian noun diva, meaning a female deity. The Latin root word is from divus for a male diety and the plural of diva would be dive (dee-vay, not dive into the pool!) This would seem to mean that a Diva is a goddess and not a prima donna bitch, wouldn't it?

To me the term DIVA is an empowering word. We women have traditionally had difficulty valuing ourselves, putting ourselves forward and being proud of who we are. A Diva does not have that problem does she? A Diva revels in her own power, is secure in her feminine and just as secure in her masculine. A Diva has power and knows how and when to apply that power. A Diva is confident, genuine, giving and has an innate sense of self. There's nothing negative about that! I think it might be time for the world to redefine the word DIVA, don't you?

And so, my DIVA sisters, walk proud in your Diva-ness. Get your Diva on and let your Goddess shine - you're not a bitch, you're Diva (besides who ever said bitch was such a bad thing??)

I just finished three fun designs for a couple of my online stores specifically for us DIVAS that I'd like to share with you to help you get your Diva on.

Get these designs on tees, aprons, hats, cups even shoes! And don't forget - my stores are a great way to shop for your friends - got any birthdays or special events coming up?

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