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Thursday, March 6, 2008

How to Take a DIVA DAY OFF

Sometimes it's healthy to take a day off from your life. It's a day where you give yourself a reprive from all the things you think you "have" to do. Sometimes you can let "stuff" go for at least one day and instead you can:

  • Have a leisurely breakfast while you watch "The View"
  • Take a hot bubble bath where you pour in the entire bottle of bubbles!
  • Watch DVDs all day
  • Read a whole book
  • Order in great take-out instead of cooking and washing dishes
  • Eat the WHOLE box of cookies
  • Call your friends and have a good long chat
  • Take out your photo albums while you drink a glass of wine
  • Have a massage, a mani-pedi and skip your work out
  • Write some great letters to people you love - on real stationery - and dab on some perfume!
  • Play Fetch with your dog or wiggle a feather for your cat
  • Have ice cream for lunch
  • Have a nap
  • Spend the whole day in your pjs
  • Put on some music and dance naked
  • Check out the price of yachts on the internet
  • Get in the car and have a day road trip with your best friend - take a picnic basket

Whatever gives you a sense of "to hell with it" or makes you feel all comfy and "tucked in", however it makes you feel or however you approach it, a DIVA Day off is good for the heart and soul. And you'll go back to your normal schedule with a little Cheshire Cat smile and a little more rested.

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