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Thursday, July 17, 2008

DIAMONDS ARE A GIRLS BEST FRIEND - Marilyn Monroe is Pretty in Pink!

A friend blogged recently about how every woman should have a diamond and my reply was a song quote: "a kiss on the hand may be quite continental but diamonds are a girl's best friend". Which got me to thinking about that singularly spectacular hot pink satin dress Marilyn wore for the musical number "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend" from How To Marry A Millionaire.

I LOVED THAT DRESS. I STILL LOVE THAT DRESS! To this day glamour to me is Marilyn in that hot pink satin gown draped in diamonds and up to her elbows in sparkle on those matching pink satin gloves. There is something so very "girl" about that color - a hot pink that is so sultry and sexy in a truly innocent way.

I think I've seen that movie at least twenty times, all as reruns on television. I was born in 1951 and the movie premiered in 1953 so I never got to see that movie in a theater, only on television. But every time it came on I watched it, often with my Mom.

Mom and I would always treat it like a "date" whenever we saw it listed in the TV Guide. We would plan an afternoon or very late evening of divas, popcorn, fifties glam and a few hours of serious mother/daughter bonding. It is one of my fondest memories of my times with my mother and it was so DIVA an entertainment.

I also learned that "men don't make passes at girls who wear glasses" to quote Pola in the movie - something that cast a bit of a cloud over my aspirations to popularity in those days. Ah, well, had I been popular I doubt I would be the Diva I am today - and for that I will always be grateful! Better a Diva for the rest of your life than a prom queen for one night!

So, I owe my Diva to Marilyn Monroe and that hot pink dress and the movie "Gentlemen Prefer Blonds" (another thing I am not!) Thanks MM and thanks Mom for spending countless hours watching the movie with me - tell Marilyn hello for me!

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IMAGE: Marilyn Monroe as Pola Debevoise singing DIAMONDS ARE A GIRLS BEST FRIEND in HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE, 1953. Image is in the public domain per wikipedia.

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