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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sometimes You Just Don't Feel the DIVA

I haven't been feeling real DIVA this week. I lost my wonderful little bird, Peter Pan, my little cockatiel. I've had him for over 35 years and he was a huge part of most of my adult life.

He was a typical male, demanding, kind of grumpy (especially as he got older), and he loved to bite until he drew blood. I got him as a mate for my first cockatiel, Tinkerbell, and these two birds were just great entertainment as well as loving pets.

A lot of people don't like birds as pets. They don't understand how amazing these little creatures truly are. Tinkerbell was a DIVA of a bird. She loved to land on the dinner table and partake of people food and I had to constantly keep her out of things that would do her harm. Petey loved butter - I had to keep my butter in a butter dish with a lid!

When they were learning to mate it was a hilarious adventure - they would go through their entire mating ritual, finally get down to business and then - bang! - they would fall off the perch!

Once Petey caught his tail on fire! He was sitting on a lamp for warmth, his tail feathers touching the light bulb. I looked over and there was smoke coming up from his tail! No harm done, I grabbed him off the lamp and made sure he was all right. I've laughed over this for decades.

Poor Peter Pan lived in a world of women. He was the king of my house, according to his beliefs. He ruled his kingdom well. From my first dog, Gypsy, who would herd him and Tinkerbell around the floor, then Shadow, my female cockapoo I had for 17 years, right down to Pixel, my present dog, a Yorkipoo who had great respect for Peter Pan! He ruled the roost, that little gray bird and I will miss him terribly.

Peter Pan, go be with your mate Tinkerbell. Fly free and be happy. Your were my tiny little king and I love you.


  1. Terri,

    I found my way here finally, and Aspen and I want to say how sorry we re about little Petey...it sounds like you shared so many wonderful years, I can't imagine having a pet so long and having to say goodbye. Aspen also says hi to Pixel, and we both know you are a great comfort to each other.

    Hoping you are happy today,

    Claudia & Aspen

  2. Thank you, Claudia. Give Aspen a kiss on the nose for me and the Pix. We are both missing little Petey, but we are sure he's in a wonderful place now with his Tinkerbell and a lot of sky to explore.


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