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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Roller Girls - How DIVA can you get?

I was recently wondering what had happened to Roller Derby in a post on my Pop Culture Blog and I got a comment from Ruby Khan telling me about the resurgence of Roller Derby and that she was a Roller Girl herself! Wow, a real Roller Derby Queen found my blog post! I was thrilled!

Ruby gave me some great links to her team's website - The Boston Derby Dames and I checked her blogger profile and found she had a blog entitled "Pigeons playing roller derby" so I just had to check that out and post a comment - I loved the blog name!

Now, I ask you just how much more DIVA can you get than being a Roller Derby DIVA? They get to wear really fun (though Ruby says "often ridiculous") costumes, get great exercise, really compete (Ruby says these games aren't staged) and then create really fun names for themselves! The featured player on her team's website was "Queen Kamayhemmayhem" - I loved it!

Even though I am not a Roller Girl - though I do still have a pair of skates tucked away gathering dust somewhere - I thought it would be fun to come up with a Roller Derby name for myself and have decided that my Roller Girl name should be "The DIVA of DOOM".

Ladies and Gentlemen, skating for the baby boomer women of Divaville - The DIVA of DOOM! She's not fast, she's not coordinated, but she's sneaky so watch your backs and keep your helmets and knee pads fastened tight! Can I get a fanfare here?

Image courtesy of the Library of Congress.

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