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Friday, April 25, 2008

THE ULTIMATE DIVA - Norma Jean aka Marilyn Monroe

While I was attempting to wake up this morning, I was watching the mini-series "Blond" - a biography on Marilyn Monroe. I enjoy this movie a lot because it devoted a good amount of time on Marilyn Monroe as a very young girl. I suspect it was not entirely accurate, however it was still interesting and made you think about what Marilyn would have been like as a little girl.

Marilyn Monroe aka Norma Jean Mortensen/Baker was an intelligent and highly underrated woman of talent. Sadly for us, and the beautiful women of those days, gorgeous women were only seen as sex kittens in Hollywood. Marilyn's acting talent and her intelligence were ignored and her body and face were seen as her only values. I often wonder how she would have grown as an actress had she lived to see today's world.

Marilyn was never won nor was nominated for an Oscar. I think Oscar missed a trick, don't you? That is why the title of my artistic tribute to Marilyn above is entitled "HEAVEN TRUMPS OSCAR" because Heaven is always a better reward than a statue any day and I figure the angels might just have had enough sense to cast her in something that was equal to her talents and intelligence.

There is one little thing I would like to point out to all the women of today's world who strive so hard to fit into a dress size that wouldn't fit a Barbie Doll - Marilyn Monroe wore a size 14 dress. You heard me right. A size 14 dress. And she was considered to be the most beautiful, sexiest woman of her time - maybe the sexiest woman of all time.

Norma Jean Leaves The Scene in a Lilac Cadillac is available as archival prints and giclees on canvas in various sizes at my website. Copyright 2008 by Pop Art Diva. All rights reserved. No permission is given to copy, distribute or reproduce without written permission from PopArtDiva.com.

Heaven Trumps Oscar is a tribute to Marilyn Monroe and not for sale. Copyright 2008 by Pop Art Diva. All rights reserved. No permission is given to copy, distribute or reproduce without written permission from PopArtDiva.com.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more on this particular topic-Marilyn Monroe definitely was one lady who had so much more to offer this world yet those who controlled her life, concealed the best she had to give!

    Are there any pieces you have designed that ARE available for sale? I have a good mate who simply adores this lady, would love to surprise her!

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge-

    Debbie xx

  2. Debbie - the piece at the bottom of this post,(Norma Jean Leaves The Scene) IS for sale on my website and soon will be available on various products at my PopArtDiva Boutique too.

    I'm going to have all my prints available soon as posters too on my Boutique within the next month!

    It just takes time to get all the images on and write all the descriptions!

  3. Add Actress Dorothy Dandridge to that list. She was definitely hot back in her day but just didn't get the accolades she deserved.

  4. Beverly - you are so right, I really enjoyed her movies and wish they would broadcast them more often!


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