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Thursday, January 17, 2008

BEST FRIENDS FOREVER - Having a best friend is very DIVA!

This last weekend was my 57th birthday and I spent it with my BFF of 44 years, Cindy. I've known CindyRae since I moved in next door to her in Tustin the summer I turned 13. She is a wonderful, whacky DIVA with a huge and slightly twisted sense of humor, a constant smile that hints at her impishness, a great family which now includes a grandson, and a sense of fun that is infectious and makes you glad to be around her.

I spent the weekend telling everyone she was my "oldest friend" which drove her nuts and was not true as I am 9 months older than her! I am evil and she loves me anyway. She got me back with her patented "Cindy is a nut case" routine in public places. She is evil and I love her anyway.

We spent 3 days being tourists, we drank my special martinis and watched "chick flicks", we reverted back to teeny-boppers and teased each other unmercifully - there are a couple of photos we took that are for our eyes only! We had great dinners with my other DIVA friends, shared 3 birthday cakes, came home each evening and had pajama parties where we yakked into the wee hours and exhausted ourselves with talk and lack of sleep.

We attempted to photo or video each other in compromising situations, talked about life and we opened presents (Cindy brought me two of these uber DIVA martini glasses, see photo above, and the funniest cocktail napkins - see photo at bottom!) The glasses were so beautiful I was afraid to use them for fear of breaking them. Cindy - I promise I will use those glasses!!!!)

Thank you, Cindy, for being my friend and loving the weirdo inside of this DIVA! You are my BFF, my sister in my soul and I love you!

With me in spirit during my birthday week were my very long-time friends and sisters in my heart, BettyMae and Debby. When I lost my way these two women became my family and were my salvation.

Betty, who always remembers my favorite hard to find candies and sends them to me on my birthday, has been my adopted sister since my early twenties when we were in college together. We were the DIVAS of Silicon Valley before it was Silicon Valley and many a late night was spent rocking out to Leonard Skynard and Fleetwood Mac at some famous nightclubs and infamous concerts. BettyMae, you were one of the very first DIVAs in my life!

Debby, my cohort in Attitude and Bratitude from the days of art festivals and my wearable art business, is the person I call when I need to get over myself! Her loving advice and "shut up and get a life" mindset has brought me back from the brink many a time! The truly DIVA birthday Lolita Martini Glass pictured here was from Deb - as well as custom printed M&Ms that say "PopArtDiva.Com", 2 books to inspire me on, and a "success" rock! Way too generous for this heathen, but I'm keeping it all anyway, Deb!!!! I promise, someday we shall sail warm oceans, drink tropical martinis and have our pick of cabana boys! The best my money can buy - TeeHee!

Betty and Debby, there is a special place in my heart for both of you and your patience and ever-present friendship. Your faithfulness, devotion and support has sustained me through the hard times and cheered for me in the good times. Your love for me and my love for you has filled the empty places in my heart and made me whole again. Thank you for giving me back my life.

I have some new friends that have become a large part of my life and just gave me the best birthday party I have ever had. New friends can be DIVA as well, especially those who you click with right off the bat. These are the friends you meet that you feel like you've known forever - and these are the friends you probably will know forever! Some of my new friends are Audrey, Chris, Donna and Nancy.

Chris and Nancy conspired to help me celebrate this birthday with not one, but two birthday parties - and they gave me a tiara and a magic wand to make all my DIVA dreams come true! It is a true friend who gives another a wish. Thank you both for my coronation! Donna, I love having a friend who has a dirtier mind than I do - thanks for all the chocolate (and the pimples I'll get from eating it, lol!) Chris, that feather boa itched like a madman but it completed the outfit! Nancy, yup, you did take Taco Salad to a new dimension! May we all share many more birthdays, meals and martinis together over the years!

Audrey, my new partner in Two Wild Women on a Binge, you have given me a new path to a positive outlook on life. Thanks to your constant encouragement I am starting to acheive my goals for PopArtDiva.com and my web enterprise. I am thankful every moment for the day we met! I see us many years down the road, old, wrinkled, grey haired and banging on a bar in the Caribbean for another Strawberry Mojito while we pinch the butt of some cute island boy passing by our walkers!

I would like to include a man in this list - I can't really say he's a DIVA, but he's a pretty spectacular friend. Jim, thanks for helping me with so many things over the years, not the least of which is my new car! You da man!

Having good friends is Diva. Having a friend for decades is very DIVA. These are the friends who know you best and love you anyway! These are the people you can have a pajama party with, be yourself completely, drop all the masks and they are still your friends.

Every woman (or man) should have at least one friend like this! If you have even just one friend like this then you can count your life a good one! Because of these women I can count my life a roaring success with a fairy tale ending! Thank you my friends, my sisters. You make me the DIVA that I am. Yup, it's all your fault!


  1. I love having good friends. It's a lifeline. Happy birthday, Diva! I am adding you to my babyboomer blogroll.

  2. My friends have certainly been my lifeline!
    Thank you for adding me to your blogroll. I realized I had not added mine to this blog thanks your add! I shall rectify that tonight and add yours too - which btw is terrific!

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