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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


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Okay, dear DIVAS, let's cut to the chase. Being so skinny that you look like a skeleton covered in skin is NOT DIVA! It's just plain stupid as well as unattractive.

When did being this skinny get to be hip? What demon drives these women into believing that looking like a character out of Tim Burton's "Corpse Bride" is de rigueur? I mean, come on! I loved that movie (I love anything where Johnny Depp and Tim Burton get together!), but I have no desire to look like a flesh covered skeleton wearing designer clothes!

Supposedly the ultra expensive designer rags look better on a thin body that doesn't interfere with the clothing's lines. This says to me that the designers believe the clothes are more important than the women who wear them. There is something very wrong with that belief. And that belief has been crammed down the throat of American women for a very long time. It's time to cram it back.

It is unhealthy and unnatural to try to attain a dress size that your bone structure will not allow. Very few women are born with a bone structure that will allow them to be a healthy size 6, let alone a size 3 or smaller! If your shoulder could poke an eye out you need to rethink your food intake!

Female celebrities are in the public eye. They are role models for our young women. It is irresponsible of them to promote a body trend that could be harmful to impressionable minds - young or mature. I won't even go into the eating disorders that are fostered by attempting to mimic these walking bone sticks.

Being DIVA is not defined by how much you weigh - it is defined by your spirit, your mind, your zest for life in all things. You cannot have zest if you're starving!

There was an attempt in the fashion world to ban those uber-thin models in 2006. Bravo to that concept - but what was the outcome? Better still the fashionistas could take a cue from the most recent "Ugly Betty" episode and start using healthy sized women to showcase their designs.

A healthy woman is DIVA. I have HOPE the fashion world will get a clue.

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