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Saturday, January 5, 2008


According to the Canadian Press/Associated Press, Walt Disney World has banned children from one of it's restaurants. Starting this week children under the age of 10 are not allowed at Victoria & Albert's in the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. Yup, that's right.

According to a spokesperson for Walt Disney World, Israel Perez, they want the restaurant (Walt Disney World's only restaurant with an AAA five-diamond rating) to be an "adult experience".

Now, I don't know about you, but it seems a little un-DIVA of Disney to ban children from anything connected to a piece of Uncle Walt's wonderful dream. Sure, I can understand a restaurant that starts it's prices at $125 a pop to want a genteel atmosphere, what with the harps and all. But really, do they think there will be the childlike pandemonium of a Chucky Cheese at those prices??

On the other hand, I like the idea of a child free dining experience. I just don't think that anything connected to Disney World is the venue to institute that particular concept. After all, Disneyland is for "kids of all ages", it's the "happiest place on earth". Tinkerbell lives there! Peter Pan plays there - the boy who never grew up!

I grew up on the dream of Disneyland. Walt Disney is one of my heroes. As a young child in Kansas I dreamed that someday I would go to Fantasyland, Tomorrowland and see Tinkerbell fly down from Sleeping Beauty's castle. To this day my favorite song in the world is "When You Wish Upon A Star" by Jiminy Cricket. The child in me is crying.

Mickey, for God's Sake, tell me it ain't so!


  1. I saw your tweet on the matter and wanted to share my feeling on the matter. I have to say I back Disney on this decision. They're not banning all children. Only children under ten. Children who are mature enough to enjoy and respect the experience will be allowed. There has never been a child's menu and frankly only a few families a month bring their kids along to this dining experience that isn't geared to kids at all. There are over 95 other dining opportunities at the Walt Disney World resorts and parks that will be more than happy to offer excellent family dining for these few families. The adults who want to enjoy the unique five star experience of V&A can now do so without having to worry about whether their dinner will be disturbed by a crying or unruly child.

    V&A is also not the first Disney restaurant to enact this rule. Palo's on the Disney Cruise line is also adult's only and it works out well for them too.

  2. John, Thank you for your comments and your views.
    As I said, I like the idea of a child free dining experience, but being a huge Disney fan my childlike heart was unsettled to hear of this decision. There are many other adult only restaurants for those who choose to dine out - though I was unaware that Disney had a few.
    To me the name Disney has been and always will be synonymous with happy children of all ages.
    Maybe we adult children are entitled to our playgrounds as well.

  3. I don't think Walt would like this news one bit. Disney is for the kids and for the families. Put the 5-star adult dining experience in another setting IMO. I agree with you PopArtDiva. I'm all for the kid-free, adult-dining experience when I hubby and I can manage it, but I wouldn't go looking for it at Disneyland or Disneyworld.

  4. John, I have to say that anything associated with dear old Walt, is of a 'child's world, no matter of age! How sad that there are now restrictions and regulations on how old a child must be to share a night out with their family. I am laughing at the absurdity...how can you differ a menu between that of an 11 year old, to that of a child just 1 year younger?? I have to ask you John, do you have kids yourself?? This has really upset me as a mother AND as someone who still adores the ideals of children who have never grown up...I feel the venue needs to find another location!

  5. In John's defense, I don't think he made the decision - he was just agreeing with their reasoning. I also noted his post came from The Disney Blog and I am honored to have received a comment from such an esteemed organization.

    John makes a good case for this decision.

    Still, there is a small little 6 year old inside of me that feels like Mickey doesn't love her anymore.


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