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Friday, January 25, 2008


"Mona Lisa Meets Consumerism" is one of my Mad Masterpiece Pop Culture images that is available in sizes from 11"x14" up to 36"x48" as a print or on canvas at PopArtDiva.com

This was interesting. I woke up this morning to yet another news story about Britney Spears - however, this one caught my interest! According to analysts Ms. Spear's value to the U.S. economy is estimated at 110 to 120 MILLION DOLLARS!! That's right, yup. Little Britney is a thriving business and puts food on the table for a lot of people! We are not talking about how much money she makes for herself, we're talking about what kind of cash she generates for others!

Record companies and promoters make money off her endorsements, papparazzi make money taking pictures of her, tabloids make money off of dissing her and websites make 75 Million from web hits! Magazine surveys say that putting Britney on the cover sells 33 percent more copies than any other celebrity.

All this got me wondering about how much Oprah and her enterprises contribute to the economy, and then Hillary Clinton - what kind of revenue is she generating as she runs for President? Not to mention other celebrities and corporate women. And let's not forget the billions of other women in the world who go about their days working, shopping, creating and generating moolah.

You may not be a movie star, a politician, a business executive or a pop star but you do have value! Value that can be measured in dollars. Do you shop, eat, cook. clean, drive? For every dollar you spend you are generating more revenue. If you make something that you sell you generate dollars by buying materials to produce your product. Do you have a blog? Guess what, that blog helps support dozens of people's salaries - yes, even the free blogging platforms!

I could go on and quote statistics, but statistics are kind of boring and that was not my point. My point was getting you to think outside the box about what your truth worth is! You are more valuable than you think and not just in dollars! According to Universal Law everything you do affects everything else. When you give, when you love, when you create, when you praise, when you earn and when you spend you are generating more of the same for yourself and others!

You are a woman of value. Everything you do generates more of the same - dollar-wise and life-wise. So, when you go forth into the world today, walk proud and wear your value like the crown that it is!

You are DIVA, you are WOMAN, you are WORTHY, you are PRICELESS!

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  1. I love your blog! I really enjoy your posts. Showing that women are strong and valuable is a really great thing. There are so many women networking sites available, it's easy to meet other business women.


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